Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great Plumbing Service in Mesa AZ...

Thank you for sending Sam he was great, his knowledge and ingenuity are great. One of apartments had a problem, he used a camera to inspect the drain line and found the problem super fast! He was able to repair it right away. Thanks so much for sending such an experienced plumber.

- Merrill Gardens

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fast Response AC Repair in Phoenix AZ...

One of our air conditioning cooling towers was making alot of noise. Art came out and repaired the problem very quickly and did a perfect job! Whew, we were so glad it wasn't expensive like we thought it would be.

- Urban League

Plumber for Apartment Communities in AZ

We had a problem with one of our unit's toilet not flushing correctly. One of your plumbers, Miguel came out really quickly and did a GREAT JOB in repairing it. Thanks for the great service!

- Broadstone

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Multiple AC Units Down in North Phoenix Apartment Community...

Rainforest Plumbing & Air to the Rescue!

We had four air conditioning units in our complex go down the same afternoon! Art from Rainforest came out right away and was able to find the problems with each unit quickly. He was able to repair two of the AC units with parts from his truck right on the spot... and did a GREAT JOB! The other two units need major parts replacements, we are getting the authorization and then will have Rainforest repair those too.

Thanks again Art... you are great to work with.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Phoenix Plumber Works With City of Phoenix Making Sure the Job is Done Right...

Donald from Acclaim apartments in North Phoenix said  "Tim R. did a great job helping them with their plumbing problem.  He got the city involved and stayed on site to make sure everything was taken care of and repaired correctly.” This is the kind of customer service Rainforest Plumbing is known for!

Got a big plumbing problem in Phoenix AZ...? Give Rainforest a call!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Foul odor from sink in AZ, Helpful Arizona plumber...!

Making the best suggestions....

Thank you so very much for your follow up - Your service tech/field supervisor Jack F. was extremely helpful in making suggestions regarding this situation. Although he, like myself and my maintenance guy, did not detect any odor in the apartment (that is not to say there was not any foul odor, just that during the times we were there, we could not detect any odor). Jack suggested that by changing out the sink might be a good solution. Since this seems like the least expensive and yet most efficient and effective way to go as the next step - we shall do this.  

Jack also suggested as a last resort, if changing the sink out did not rectify the situation, then we could contact your business again to possibly do a 'smoke bombing'. He did advise on the exact procedure and what we would have to do, should we follow through on this.

The service / advise that was provided to us, not only by Jack, but by the very quick response from emails and phone contact, puts your business of RAINFOREST at the top of my list for plumbing companies in Arizona.

Thank you, again, for your thoughtful and helpful service.

Restaurant sink wont turn off, Rainforest Plumbing to the rescue!

Our restroom sink would not turn off, Anthony came out and quickly and took care of our problem so that we could pass our Inspection from the health department. He was GREAT! such a sweetheart.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Great AC Service in Mesa AZ - Apartment Community

AC Unit works amazing...

To whom it may concern,
This past Tuesday, one of your workers came to fix my internal AC Unit. I would like to thank you for sending an awesome person. He worked very hard till very late at night (roughly 8:15pm). He worked solo for a 2 person job. AC Unit works amazing. So thank you very much for a job well done!

- Carl in Ahwatukee

Thank you too Carl... we love hearing from our customers. Rainforest wants to provide fast, quality service to keep Arizona AC units running smoothly!