Friday, May 23, 2014

Trained, Professional Plumbing Technicians, Arizona

Mike, I just wanted to thank you for recommending Rainforest Plumbing. I needed a minor repair and after hearing you talk about Rainforest, I decided to give them a call. Great company. The service tech Dan (who told me he worked at your house), was professional, and very competent at his job. Also a great guy. Thanks for turning me on to this fantastic company. I will highly recommend them to everyone who needs professional services. Once again,Thank You.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Knowledgeable, Professional Plumber

I would like to express my gratitude for your assistance yesterday with regard to my water main break.  Your plumbing division is as wonderful as your heat/air division has proven to be.  Kyle and Abe were absolutely the best – knowledgeable, professional and helpful.  I appreciate Phil working with me on the payment and taking care of the issue immediately.  If quality trickles down well, it begins at the top and that explains it.  I could not be happier!  I will be contacting in you in a couple of months at the air conditioning technicians suggestion to service my condo and I will also be needing a service call on my home.  It is my hope to start maintenance so I don’t have to deal with an emergency.

FYI, placed my review today on Yelp!   It appears they post the best/worst together?  I do not know who posted the poor “Melvin” review, but I am going with either a disgruntled employee or a competitor.  I hope my five-star review negates the negative energy and brings you much business.

Please let me know if you require anything further from me, I think you are all wonderful and sincerely would not call anyone else.

Warm Regards,

Lisa Mitchell,  Education Manager
Arizona Association of Community Managers

Monday, May 19, 2014

On Call Plumbing, Arizona

Dear Ike,

I am the Director for Enterprise Fleet Management, and was aware of Rainforest through Kyle Le Baron and Taylor Brockbank.

I wanted to reach out and give you some great feedback on Antonio (I believe) and your Team 4 Plumbing On Call folks.  I had a much larger puddle than I like in the garage yesterday morning, your guys got to my house in less than an hour, and just an hour later I had a new hot water heater.  He was professional and polite and represented your brand very favorably.

It is always a pleasure when I have the opportunity to reciprocate with a current business client and your guys really delivered for me.

Best regards,

S. Tudor
Director - Enterprise Fleet Management