Friday, May 24, 2013

Professional Quality Plumbing Technicians

I wanted to tell you about an interaction I had today with one of your technicians that will make you proud.  Brendan came by my rental property today to install a new thermostat and perform a maintenance check on the A/C system.  He did a wonderful job with his assigned work.

As we were completing the invoice and I wrote him a check, I offered to buy his sandwich for lunch and tried to tip him $10.  Brendan told me it was against RainForest’s policy to accept a tip and he wanted to maintain company rules, though he was grateful for the gesture. Not only did Brendan show great skill in his profession, he also demonstrated great character within his profession.

Thank you for the great service yet again.  You should be proud of Brendan!

-C. Morin

Emergency Plumbing Needs

I called Phil’s cell phone yesterday in a panic because a cement vendor had hit a domestic water line at my building in Tempe.  Phil responded immediately and got your technician over within the hour to repair the line and prepare a proposal for a new backflow valve and gate valves.  My tenants were very pleased with the quick response and I can’t thank Phil enough for his help. You have some fine people working with you, they care and it shows.

Thanks again.
S. Petersen