Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainforest Plumbing & Air receives rave reviews from first-time customer...

Thanks for the great feedback Rick!

Your service tech Matt just provided service to my home. He cleaned out two drains and provided an estimate and advice on repairing a drain leak on an underground P-Trap cast iron fitting. I am a first-time customer and I am totally impressed with your company. Matt was courteous, efficient, answered all my questions and provided service above and beyond my expectations.

I recently heard a radio spot regarding CrimShield and jotted down their web site. When I needed a plumber, I found you on the CrimShield website and then when I went to your Rainforest web site I was sold with your "Up-Front Guarantee" and "Mr. Ike's Integrity Statement".

As Matt was leaving, I wanted to get a feel for the relationship between the Rainforest workers and the President, so I asked Matt if he knew Ike Tippetts. His response was a very positive "Oh yes he meets with us on a weekly basis." When I told Matt what had impressed me with Rainforest Plumbing he said that he would let Mr. Tippetts know because Ike always appreciates such feedback. I thanked Matt and told him I was also going to write this email.

Since my decision to use your company was based on two web sites, let me leave you with this joke from Kylie, my 9 year old granddaughter:

"What did the spider say to the fly?"          "See you on the web!"

- Rick in Phoenix